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Nearly Every Business Needs a CTO. Almost No One Can Afford One.

Most people will agree that we are in a technology-based world. There’s almost nothing a business can do without being at least a little bit tech-savvy. Unfortunately, when business owners are not, their businesses can be left in the dust. Some businesses supplement their technology needs with predatory software development companies that promise low costs software development but ultimately become money pits. What they really need is a CTO with their interests in mind. But when a business cannot afford millions of dollars for one, what are they to do?

Project Management
Software Development
Data Analytics
Staff Augmentation
Fractional CTO

Fractional CTO is the Kei. We Provide Exceptional, White Glove CTO Services at Prices That Just Make Sense!

Bring your business into the new world with technology solutions designed to perform and give outstanding ROI. With a mission to empower small businesses and female start-ups and a passion for technology, there’s no better CTO to be in your corner than us. As your fractional CTO, you can trust we'll be looking out for your business as opposed to someone hunting for the last pennies in your wallet. We are the Kei to bringing your business into this new technology-rich era.


We’ve Got What Your
Business Needs…

Hand-Tailored Technology Solutions Designed to Scale With Your Business

Superior Project Management

Starting from the inception of the project, we make sure your tech-based project goes as smoothly as possible! Beginning with the scoping/discovery phase and ensuring the route forward is as cost-effective as possible, we manage every stage, finishing in the leanest possible way without sacrificing quality.

Data Analytics & Intelligence

The key to big data lies not in the size of your dataset, but in the quality of the questions that you are asking. Yet most organizations are not asking their data anything because they lack an analytics strategy. Let us help you get strategized so you can make more informed decisions, increase productivity, and reduce risk. 

Software Development

Need software? We can build it from scratch or partially from scratch, depending on how much time and money you want to save. And we always strive for quality and will ensure your software works perfectly in every scenario.

Keiboard Warriors on Loan!

Need to borrow some engineering talent? You can borrow our Keiboard warriors! Just let us know what kind of timeline youʼre looking at, and we will make it happen.

First Class Consultation

Want to bounce some ideas off a technical or product expert? We’ve got your back! These one-off calls don’t require any long-term commitment. After hours and expedited times are available for a small surcharge – so we can meet any time in the growing world of international teams.

Fractional CTO Services

Few small businesses can afford a CTO, and at the same time, they'd each benefit from a full-time CTO on their staff. Thatʼs why our fractional CTO services are perfect for most businesses. Get your start-up or small business set up the right way with products designed to enhance ROI, give your customers a better experience, help your staff become more efficient, and much more!

Hey! We want to hear about your amazing business.

Fractional CTO

How much of our time does your business need?

  • Technology Temperature Check -Whatʼs Right? Whatʼs Not?
  • Right The Ship- Get the Tech Where It Needs To Be
  • The Road Ahead - How Can We Mitigate Risks?
  • Everything in ENTER plus
  • A Powerful Vision -Specify How Technology Can Level Up Your Business Affordably
  • Strategy Alignment -Align Technology With Business Goals
  • Staff Alignment - Align the Staff With The Technological Agenda
  • Everything in SHIFT Plus:
  • Strategy Leader - Lead the strategy for technology platforms, partnerships, and external relationships
  • Kei Communication-Communicate tech-strategy to partners and investors
  • Stakeholder Success- Capitalize on stakeholders’ feedback to advise on necessary improvements and adjustments
Billed Hourly
  • Billed Hourly in addition to SHIFT and CTRL plans
  • Managing vendors to ensure they are the right fit and manage deliverables

our mission

We care about the success of your business

Our ultimate aim is to earn clients’ trust as a technology partner and ensure the long-term success of our clients.



Unconventional thought to develop out-of-the-box solutions



Excellence is the center of what we do



Ethical conduct in all our practices


We will build product that your users love

We foster positive relationships, bring creativity to our work, and explore new ideas and techniques as we build innovative enterprise solutions that improve performance and profit.

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Our work didn’t go unnoticed in the world

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We know how to solve any situation differently

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Work with us
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Maya Roffler

We know the global landscape and how that impacts your business

Edie has been an incredible resource and wealth of knowledge while navigating several projects. I am currently launching the early stages of an app, and she has helped with detailed research and insights. She understands the tech landscape on a global level. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with Edie and team on this project as well as future ones.
Maya Roffler

Jonpaul Leskie

The ones who know, know - and recommend us

I highly recommend working with Edie Woelfle. She is a true professional and will definitely take your business to the next level. She is always up to date on the latest technology strategies and strives to exceed her client’s goals. Bottom line, Keiboarder listens to their customers while also prioritizing product enhancements and delivers world-class service.
Jonpaul Leskie


Our agency it’s about the people and for the people

Edie Woelfle

Fractional CTO, Delivery Manager

After fulfilling her dreams as a game developer, Edie dabbled in a variety of verticals including logistics, social media, fintech, IoT, and professional services. From being a sole founding engineer for a startup to managing teams for a Fortune 500 company, she has seen what it takes to scale. She applies her technical expertise to all aspects of the business, from implementation of product to business operations. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development from Rochester Institute of Technology and obtained her Master of Science in Data Analytics from Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Faith Doyal

Product Owner, Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Fractional CTO?

Essentially, a CTO on retainer. You’ll have the experience of a Chief Technology Officer without having to bear the full-time salary that usually comes part and parcel. Each of our three tiers is tailored to meet your needs where you are.

Can’t you just throw some engineers at my project?

Well yes, but that wouldn’t be good for your business or your business bank account.  Business Analysts, Quality Assurance, Project Managers, and Product Owners keep the team focused on programming so you can get the most out of your programmers and build your wildest dreams.

Can we skip the Discovery?

Essentially, no. This scoping phase helps us understand your business and create a tailored plan to get you on your way to scale. Engineers are expensive, and a little effort on the front-end will save you money on the build-out.

What is included in the Discovery?

A Discovery project can have any subset of these deliverables:
  • Project Proposal
  • Project Requirement Documents
  • Project Management Plan
  • Implementation Statement of Work
  • Risk Assessment
  • Visual Prototype

How long does a Discovery project take?

Anywhere from 4-8 weeks, the timeline of which is decided after your free initial consultation.

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