Taking Action as CTO

After the previous CTO left them with nothing, Keiboarder became the active CTO to help guide the project.

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Taking Action as CTO

Project Overview

The founder is an educator and had visions for a system that would handle the logistics of tutoring for both parents and the tutors themselves. They had hired a CTO six months previously but they hadn’t seen anything substantive in the way of results. A potential investor in the startup suggested the founder reach out to Keiboarder.

By the time the Keiboarder CTO got involved, the previous CTO had already decided to leave the company. During the transition, it became clear that there was no documentation of the system itself, the codebase was virtually empty and what did exist wasn’t functional. The founder was taken aback by this discovery, because the original CTO had said, repeatedly, that the functionality was very straightforward and should be easy to build.  

The founder had an engineer hired to begin work in just a few weeks, but there was nothing concrete for them to work on.  

Project Execution

The Keiboarder CTO:

  • Gathered the high level requirements and the non-negotiables.
  • Identified an open-source solution that accounted for 30% of the requirements that could be licensed for commercial use.
  • Brought in a project manager to create proper documentation, so the engineer would have something to work with.


  • Solid documentation of the requirements piqued investor interest.

Although the founder paused the project after the requirements were complete, investors continue to express interest in the idea and it’s versatility.  

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