Developing a High-Fidelity Prototype to Guide Development & Entice Investors

After building their interface and realizing it needed to be re-engineered, Recordical turned to Keiboarder.

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Developing a High-Fidelity Prototype to Guide Development & Entice Investors

Project Overview

Recordical’s founder had a goal to acquire podcast studios and top-of-the-line podcasting equipment that could be offered to up-and-coming podcasters in Atlanta. They had a vision bigger than Atlanta eventually, but that was the place to start.

A development group had created an MVP, but it was built using several white-labeled applications. Recordical’s clients had to jump from platform to platform to accomplish their goals. The user interface was difficult and many custom features had to be sacrificed, since they were using existing platforms.  

The development team was frustrated because they didn’t fully understand the founder’s vision, and the founder was frustrated because they found it hard to express what they were trying to build to investors.

They retained Keiboarder to help them understand what it would cost to build the application (not the one cobbled together with other systems).

Project Execution

The Keiboarder team (Fractional CTO, Project Manager and UX/UI designer):

  • Collected all the requirements for the application the founder desired.
  • Created a high-fidelity prototype of the desired system - both web and mobile apps, over 90 screens.


  • The vision for the application was documented and approved.
  • Every member of team understood the founder’s vision.
  • The prototype made it easy for the founder to move forward with investors.
  • Engineering money was saved, since the prototype defined what needed to be built before the engineers began.

The desire to make progress on a good idea can get a project started on the wrong foot. Spending time on requirements and a prototype first will save money, time and frustration in the long run. It’s much easier to rework a wireframe than it is to re-engineer a system that’s already in development. The Keiboarder team has years of experience in taking a founder’s often non-technical vision and turning it into a prototype.

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