Fractional CTO for Technology Startup

After setbacks in development, founders hired Keiboarder to manage their dev teams.

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Fractional CTO for Technology Startup

Project Overview

A returns logistics company based in Nashville, founded during the peak of the pandemic, inspired by the necessity of ordering everything online and the desire to make returns just as easy as buying.  

The business would utilize technology to scan members’ emails for purchases and keep track of return windows. Two external dev teams were retained - one to build the infrastructure and one to develop the mobile app for consumers.

After two years in development, the dev teams’ output had slowed down significantly, and they were experiencing a lot of turnover within the teams. The founders are not technical; managing dev teams would not be the best play for the business. They decided to look for a CTO to manage this aspect of their business.

Project Execution

They retained Keiboarder to fill the role of Fractional CTO, requiring approximately 10 hours of effort each week. The goals for the CTO:

  • Manage the dev teams.
  • Manage the IT budget.
  • Manage the product roadmap.
  • Develop data management systems.
  • Support the business’s trajectory for scaling.
  • Act as technical liaison with investors.


  • Dev team output is back where it should be and the teams are more stable. Weekly meetings with the teams keep things on track.
  • Spending was reduced.
  • Without a CPO in place, the Keiboarder CTO stepped up to encourage the company to take a new direction that will serve them better in the long run.
  • The founders know they have an advocate who is in sync with the long-term goals of the business.
  • The rest of the C-Suite has confidence in the technical foundation and in the systems established by the Keiboarder CTO.  
  • The product roadmap is reviewed and adjusted quarterly. Noted Returns stays nimble and can adjust to changing consumer needs.
  • Investors have greater confidence in the technical infrastructure and the overall product direction.
  • The founders and investors have access to an admin dashboard that allows them to track the business in real time.

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